Guild of Photographers June Awards

I am a recent member of the Guild of Photographers and entered three images into the June monthly competition and below are the three images I chose.


This is the first image of Samantha at the mirror in the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa in Cheshire. As a Cheshire wedding venue the Grosvenor Pulford is hard to beat and I think the mirror has became a signature image of mine from the venue. It is often copied! This version of this classic wedding photograph is in the much loved colour sepia which I think adds a real richness to the image. I love the way this image shows off the rear of the dress, an aspect the bride cannot really see for herself.

This next image is also from the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and was taken in the twilight in the courtyard. Again the finish is the colour sepia which I think adds a lot of drama to this wedding Photograph. The couple in the image are the wonderful Pippa and James who had a most amazing wedding at this leading Cheshire hotel. I love the way the water sparkles off of the fountain and the tender embrace of the couple. It hard to belive that just slightly out of shot was the wedding entourage giggling away. Wedding Photos are fun!

And the last but by no means least is an image of Jessica taken from a model shoot at Crow Castle High above Llangollen in North Wales. The image is illuminated with two flash guns. The moon was visible in the original shot but was no where near full and a little weedy in the picture so I added one from an earlier shoot.

I must confess to having no idea what judges look for in an an image. I see a lot of award winning images which I’d never even put on my blog. I sometimes think I’m totally out of touch! I was mildly disappointed to ‘only’ get a Bronze Bar in each of the above images. What do you think?

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