Playing in the dark. One photograph from Rachel and Paul’s wonderful Grosvenor Pulford Wedding

Saturday was a wonderful day to be working as a wedding photographer. It rained all day, was grey, blowing a gale and was dark by not much after 4! All be told a typical dull winters day in the UK! However  working with such wonderful people as Rachel and Paul with such an amazing fun, positive approach to their wedding day and suddenly the weather didn’t seem important.  I thought I’d share just one image from this fantastic wedding at the Grosvenor Pulford.

Waterfall, Wedding, Grosvenor Pulford, Dark, Winter

I love this wedding photograph, one of many lovely images from a fantastic wedding. It was taken in the grounds of the Grosvenor Pulford in front of the waterfall in the Oriental Garden. I immediately can’t help looking at such a fantastic dress, the amazing detail. A fairy-tail dress, and Rachel looks amazing. I think she must have chosen the perfect wedding dress for her. Meanwhile Paul looks super smooth and relaxed. A model bride. The waterfall provides a fitting and elegant background to the photograph, you have to applaud the effort the Grosvenor Pulford has put into their gardens. Fantastic.


One thing you may not know is the gardens are not light up at night and we are actually in the dark out side. A torch has been used to lead the way over the damp ground as it had been raining all day, and was about to start again but the lull gave enough time for some photographs. All the lighting in the photograph I have applied, I wanted the waterfall to stand out and the couple, that was all so have used three flash guns off camera (OCF) to try and balance the landscape. I think it works pretty well but what makes it is Rachel and Paul. How good do these two look together 🙂

November is a fantastic time of year to get married, it warm inside and feels so welcoming after being out in the cold and the plus with the weather is you expect the worse. Anything not blowing a gale and raining is a bonus.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog.


Joe xx

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