The Wild Boar Cheshire wedding of Alison and James

The Wild Boar near Tarporley in Cheshire is a new wedding venue for me and a rather wonderful place with a stunning black and white exterior and some amazing panelling inside. Alison and James Cheshire Wedding was a brilliant day at the hotel and the service was held in a magnificent room with the evening reception and food being served in the marquee.

The first photo is of the stunning front of the Wild Boar Hotel near Tarporley in Cheshire. I thought it was stunning.

Wild Boar Hotel, Tarporley, Cheshire

I love this photo of the Groom and his ushers and best man awaiting the service and enjoying the Cheshire sunshine.

While upstairs the beautiful flower girls are looking down on the men below. I think a wedding image like this has a timeless quality and I am a big fan of this colour sepia finish.

The first kiss after signing the register at the Wild Boar Hotel. It is a beautiful room and I’ll add more photos of the room later in the blog.Another timeless image of the bride signing the all important wedding certificate and showing off the beautiful wedding bands.

I love this photo, it has a very vibrant sky and a couple so much in love.

And here is the beautiful and stunning bride against the vibrant Cheshire sky. The dress has amazing detail and the photograph really shows off the stunning design.

A lovely shot of the speeches – I always find a marquee really beautiful with all the whiteness, it looks like everyone is in a cloud!

Another wedding photograph in the colour sepia which I really love and I also really love the relaxed pose of all the main players on the wedding day. The Wild Boar also looks magnificent in the background.

Alison and James having an intemite moment under one of the large and beautiful trees in the garden of the Wild Boar.

A very modern wedding pose in a classical interior. I think it words really well. The interior of the Wild Boar is magnificent.

And this is a close up of the same photo. A hansom groom and a most beautiful bride.

Alison was a beautiful and natural bride and I thought she looked amazing. This bridal portrait is finished in a vintage finish which is a big hit with my brides. A very romantic look 🙂

A tender moment captured for their children’s children. Photography is such an amazing medium for telling the story of an amazing event like a wedding.I love this wedding photo also, James and Alison’s personality really shines through.

And the last formal event of a grande wedding, the first dance. A beautiful end to a magnificent day.

Please feel free to add any comments and I hope the wedding  photos give you as much pleasure as I had taking them.

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