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I had the pleasure of shooting Michael and Rhiannon’s wedding on Saturday and thought I’d share a couple of wedding entourage  photos before I blog the whole wedding later in the week. I often find wedding group photos really good fun and as more people are involved the variety of poses really is unlimited. The three wedding photographs below where taken at the amazing Oriental Gardens in one of Cheshire’s finest wedding venue the beautiful Grosvenor Pulford Hotel. The wedding service actually took place just up the road and over the Welsh border in Gresford.


The first wedding photo is looking back towards the Welsh Hills and has a coffee finish to the image. I love the way this finish really goes with the amazing choices of bridesmaids dresses. All pastel shades in this photo. The Oriental garden is a great backdrop.

In this wedding photograph I have separated the men and indeed each individual in the party. This type of pose is quite difficult normally early on in a wedding but as peoples confidence builds up in front of the camera it is great fun and, in my opinion at least so much more exciting than line up of people! The bridesmaids dresses are an amazing collection of colours and really enlighten the day. I also think the men look brilliant in the image practising their best model pose 😉

And Last but certainly not least a totally different kind of wedding pose. I love this photo the fun they are having on their wedding day really shines  and the varied expressions on all of the groups faces makes me smile. It is amazing how much work goes into making a photo look this relaxed and it can only be done later the wedding once the people have confidence in me! I’ll blog the rest of the wedding later in the week. Enjoy the images.

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