The Cheshire Wedding of Chris and Natasha at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa

What a wonderful wedding Natasha and Chris had at the outstanding Grosvenor Pulford, one of Cheshire’s finest wedding venues. I had the pleasure of recording a brilliant wedding day and working with the happy couple, below are some of my favourite wedding photos from their big day.

The first photo from the beautiful Cheshire Wedding is Natasha’s wedding dress waiting for her. I think the wedding dress is really stunning and suited Natasha perfectly.

Natasha and Chris had a outdoor wedding service in the stunning grounds of the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel. Below are the girls and Dad taking the walk through the perfectly manicured grounds to service.

I love this photo of the service from a distance showing Natasha, Chris and guests enjoying a rare lovely Cheshire summer’s day. We haven’t had many!

And here is a closer view of the exchange of the wedding rings. Natasha’s expression is so serene.

This wedding group shot was taken in the beautiful Oriental Garden. This location is quickly becoming one of my favourites! The wedding party is a major part of the day and a lot of fun to photograph.

This image really shows off the back of Natasha’s stunning wedding dress. I love the big mirror and the candles. Low light wedding photography is something I love experimenting with as it gives a totally different feel and atmosphere to the wedding photography.

The most beautiful bride, Natasha taken in the restaurant of the Grosvenor Pulford and finished in a very classic black and white.

And a classical bridal portrait of Natasha again in a beautiful black and white finish, I really adore black and white photography.

And now for the speeches! My eye is drawn to the massive cake in the corner and the magnificent flowers on the table.  A wonderful top table.

I think just maybe this is my favourite wedding image from Natasha and Chris’s beautiful Cheshire wedding.

This wedding photo of the happy couple was taken a few seconds after the above image and has a normal colour finish. I love the late evening sky as a backdrop for the stunning gardens. Every wonderful fold of Natasha’s wedding dress really finishes off the fine detail.

That sky is amazing. I love it. Natasha and Chris are standing on the most beautiful and delicate bridge in the gardens. This photograph is finished in what I call colour sepia.

And here is the stunning bride looking a million dollars. It is such a pleasure to photograph weddings, to be part of someone’s big day and to deliver photographs that they will treasure for ever.

A slightly wider shot and a very different angle to the photo. Natasha’s dress has a real wow factor.

Chris has now joined Natasha on the bridge, a great image I think and a tender moment for the happy couple.

Back indoors for the first dance. Romance!

I have so many wedding photos to show you from this wedding but thought I’d finish on this fun image of all the girls taken in the evening just before I left for home. I feel they all look like they have had a wonderful wedding!

I hope you enjoyed the photos and I’d love to show you more but I feel the page would never load! Enjoy the photos and please feel free to leave any comments.

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2 thoughts on “The Cheshire Wedding of Chris and Natasha at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa

  1. Thank you Alison it was a beautiful day. Just let me know how I can help 🙂

  2. Joe it was so great to meet you at Natasha and Chris wedding. Your photo’s are truly amazing. I would love to use these images for my website as they such fantastic photo’s. Look forward to being in contact with you. Alison

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