One of my favourite wedding photos from Saturday’s Cheshire Wedding at the Grosvenor Pulford

It hard choosing just one wedding photograph when you have such an amazing couple to work with as Jo and Peter. I’m planning on blogging their stunning Cheshire Wedding this week but thought I’d share one wedding image I really love and also a bit of the background about how and when the wedding image was taken.

Here is the one I have chosen but if you see the full blog post in a few days time you’ll realise it wasn’t an easy choice and if I had to choose just one wedding image from Jo and Peters amazing wedding I think it would probably be a different one. The image is taken in the stunning Oriental Garden of Cheshire’s leading wedding venue the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa just after Jo and Peter had finished a lovely wedding breakfast, I know it was lovely as they also fed me!

We where lucky but had also planned for trying to catch the sunset in the garden and I wanted to try and use the water to get a reflection of the evening sky and the couple. I think it has worked out very well indeed and the vintage finish to me anyway really complements the wedding image. The stunning Cheshire sky adds drama and impact, I couldn’t of hopped for a better backdrop and it just shows the photography you can expect from such a stunning venue

Cheshire Wedding Photography at the Grosvenor Pulford

For those wanting a more technical description the image was shot with the stunning Nikon  D4 and the 24-120 mm lens and the lighting apart from was 2x Nikon SB910s fired via radio poppers to try and balance the fabulous sunset. The flash guns really increase the reflection. Apart from a vintage finish on the image nothing else has been done in Photoshop. Being old school I like to get it correct in camera!

I hope you enjoy the image and I look forward to sharing some more from this wonderful Cheshire wedding later in the week.

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