The Cheshire Wedding Photography of Peter and Jo at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel

I had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful wedding of Peter and Jo and the beautiful Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa, in my opinion probably the finest wedding venue around! Peter and Jo have been together for 18 years so it is true good things come to those who wait!


I thought I’d start the photos out of sequence to show just how stunning the interior of the Grosvenor Pulford is. With all the beauty of the new Oriental Garden it is easy to forget just how amazing for wedding photographs the interior of the hotel is. I love Jo’s wedding dress and the vintage finish really complements the interior.

Not quite dressed up but those shoes are made for walking and I am told are rather a fine pair of shoes! Vintage finish again – it allows the wedding colours to come through, but not too much!

A tender moment between Jo and her Father just before the ceremony. Jo’s father was incredibly proud to be giving his only daughter away.

Wedding Photography at the Grosvenor Pulford

I love this moment in a wedding when the bride and groom first see each other. The emotion of the wedding day is so obvious and wonderful.

The first kiss on their amazing wedding day.

I love the Doves, such beautiful birds and I was rather pleased that my camera has such an amazing high speed motor-drive and focusing ability. I’ve never fired the camera at high speed before but it was rather handy for this picture.

The Grosvenor Pulford has some of the most relaxing gardens of any hotel I know. A rather fine place to relax on a wedding or any day for that matter. Just look at the wedding flowers Jo has.

Grosvenor Pulford Gardens

A classic view of a beautiful garden. The Grosvenor Pulford has two gardens just in case you want a rather different effect for your wedding photos.

That wedding cake looks really lovely. Sometimes I wish I was a guest!

After dinner it was back outside to capture the amazing Oriental Gardens at sunset. Sometimes the planets align and him upstairs puts on the most beautiful light show. Todays wedding images had a stunning sunset as a backdrop. Perfect.

The wedding photographs in the garden where all taken before the evening got going, I find the time between the wedding breakfast and the first dance so fruitful for producing some amazing wedding  photographs.

I love the detail on Jo’s wedding dress and the sky reflecting in the water. Jo was a perfect model on the day and a delightful bride.

What a wonderful sunset, it looks like a painting. Jo and Peter look so relaxed together it was my pleasure to be able to record this for them.

And this wedding photograph really makes me smile, I’d have it on the wall if it was my wedding!

I really adore the Oriental Garden, the sky is just massive for wedding photos and the detailing is like a painting. Stunning.

The mirror at the Grosvenor Pulford is a beautiful location which is usable all year around in any weather. Ideal!

And the final wedding photograph I’m sharing is the first dance. I find it so hard to narrow the photos down I could show you 100s but if your internet connection is anything like mine you would have to wait a while to view them!

Enjoy the photography and please feel free to add any comments.

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