The Beautiful Cheshire Wedding of Emily and Carl

I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding photography for Carl and Emily at Cheshire’s top venue, the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa and below are the photos. I hope they give you as much pleasure looking at them as I had taking them.

I think I’ll start with one of my favourite wedding image from the Grosvenor Pulford’s beautiful garden, I really love the way the wild weather is bending the trees in the background against a storm laden Cheshire Sky as Emily and Carl only have eyes for each other.

The start of a magical wedding with the bride’s and bridesmaid’s  beautiful dresses hanging up and waiting for their moment in the lime light. The flowers are really beautiful as well and don’t forget the shoes. I’m sure this is the moment when the wedding starts to get very real.  Years of planning and preparation have gone into the day and one thing is for sure the Grosvenor Pulford will make it a very magical one.

I love this photograph of the wedding service, the tender moment when they see each other for the first time and a proud father looks on.

After a beautiful service Emily and Carl shoot off for a quick spin and a precious time together. I think this is a wonderful time during the wedding when Carl and Emily can look at each other and shout – ‘WE DID IT’!

Back in the stunning Grosvenor Pulford gardens. This photo is in a the vintage finsh so loved by many of my brides.

The Grosvenor Pulford Gardens get better and better. Each year I think they are amazing, each year they get better!

It is hard to believe looking at the wedding photography but Cheshire was having a really wet and story day and somehow we managed to sneak the outdoor photographs between the showers. This is the Beautiful bride in the stunning Oriental Garden of the Grosvenor Pulford.

A rather stormy sky gives a stunning backdrop to this wedding photograph. Look closely and you can see the effect of the wind on the trees!

Still in the stunning Oriental Garden and a vintage finish to the wedding photo.

We escaped indoors when the heavens opened up and the amazing brooding sky was replaced with the opulent interior of the Grosvenor Pulford. The mirror at the Grosvenor Pulford is a classic wedding backdrop. I love the detail in Emily’s beautiful wedding dress.

The same mirror but a very different angle! I love the gold and the glitz.

Emily is a stunning and beautiful bride and I really love this portrait of her.

The is one problem with the Grosvenor Pulford, the are just so many beautiful locations to take photographs in! This courtyard is one of my favourites and we managed to sneak out after the storm passed over.

I love the frontage of the Grosvenor Pulford and  it is a lovely photograph to remember the stunning venue the happy couple got married in.

And then for dancing!

Emily and Carl where a wonderful couple to work for and I feel honoured to have been chosen to cover their big day.



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