Kelly and Stephen’s Wonderful Cheshire Wedding, just one picture!

I had the pleasure of photographing Kelly and Stephen’s wonderful wedding yesterday on a very cold and overcast November day which was thankfully dry. This is even more amazing as it started to rain just as we went in for the wedding breakfast and did not stop for till today! I thought it would be nice to share this fun shot as it is really different (for me anyway) to have a classic VW camper van in the mix.

I had a few problems trying to get the shot – for one we couldn’t find an empty piece of car park for the shot! We managed to squeeze the camper van in between a few parked cars and I thought the easiest way to get the shot was to make the day into night and hide the other cars in the shadows – any bit remaining would be very easy to remove in Photoshop that way.

Wedding Photography Cheshire

I really like the picture and the problem with the car park has I think actually improved the photograph! I must admit I’ve got a very big soft spot for VW camper vans they just make me smile! You would think someone at VW would do a new version with the same cutness as the old one – like the Mini or Beetle!

For those of a technical nature the photo was illuminated with three flash guns, one inside one to the front and one to the right of the photo and the ambient lighting was about four stops underexposed. This dropped all the distracting cars into the deep shadows and made the camper van really stand out. A very different Cheshire Wedding Photograph.

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2 thoughts on “Kelly and Stephen’s Wonderful Cheshire Wedding, just one picture!

  1. Yes I was very pleased and managed to hide all the cars in the car park 😉

  2. Love the way camper van turned out,considering weather was very autumnal….oh yes the VW camper is mine …..

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