The Wonderful Cheshire Wedding of Alan and Gemma at Sale Town Hall

I had a wonderful day in March photographing the wedding of an amazing couple, Alan and Gemma at a new location to me Sale Town Hall, in Cheshire. Sale Town Hall is a lovely building with loads of natural light and a very cosy and intimate atmosphere for the big wedding day.

After a beautiful wedding service Alan and Gemma moved on to the beautiful Mere Hotel and Country Club in nearby Knutsford, Cheshire for the second part of their wedding. Mere Court is a stunning ex country manor and now one of the leading wedding venues in Cheshire with a magnificent garden and interior. It is several years since I was last at Mere Court for a wedding, hopefully it will not be that long until I get the privileged opportunity to shoot another wedding there.

Bridal Preparation Wedding Photography

Gemma looking pensive on her big wedding day, she is such a beautiful bride and lovely person.

Wedding Make Up

I love watching the makeup artists at work, from seeing everyone in their PJs to the transformation into a princess is always a privilege.

The Interior  of Trafford Registry Office at Sale Town Hall

The Interior of Trafford Registry Office at Sale Town Hall is very impressive. It must be one of the nicest registry office interiors in Cheshire.

Sale Town Hall Wedding

This wedding photograph from a lovely service really makes me smile. Alan and Gemma and laughing away as Gemma’s sister the Chief Bridesmaid hands over a rather important piece of jewelry. The wedding rings.

Trafford Wedding Photography

Alan collects Gemma’s unbroken band with Gemma’s really beautiful bouquet of flowers in the background

Wedding Photography Cheshire

What a stunning bride. Gemma looks a million dollars.

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Wedding Photography, Bridal, Cheshire

The stunning Gemma leaving Sale Town Hall, how beautiful does she look. It a privilage to be part of such an amazing wedding day.

Sale Town Hall Wedding Photography

A balloon of remembrance is released outside Sale Town Hall. Wedding are a very happy day but they are also a day to remember.

Chester Registry Office Wedding

Gemma and Alan with their beautiful daughter outside of the Town Hall, A really beautiful Cheshire registry office.

Wedding Photography at Sale Town Hall

I really love this image, it makes me smile. I hope it has the same effect on Alan and Gemma.

Wedding Dress Photography

Gemma had a really magnificent Wedding Dress which suited her down to the ground. The interior of Mere Court was also a brilliant backdrop to show it off.

Bridal Wedding Photography

What a beautiful bride, Gemma was magnificent all day even when the temperature for the wedding was around freezing. Stunning bride.

Wedding Photography at Mere Court

Really beautiful study of the stunning bride Gemma.

Wedding Photography at Mere Court, Cheshire

Gemma also had a wonderful sense of humour it shines through in this wedding photograph.

Mere Court Hotel Cheshire, Stairs, Wedding

I really like this image taken on the stunning staircase at Mere Court. Alan and Gemma should have this one on the wall I think!!

I just can't help it, Gemma is the star of the show and looks like a Hollywood A lister. The vintage finish is also very beautiful with the wood panelling.

I just can’t help it, Gemma is the star of the show and looks like a Hollywood A lister. The vintage finish is also very beautiful with the wood panelling.

Mere Court Wedding Photography

I think this is my favourite image from Alan and Gemma’s wedding, Alan looks so relaxed and they both look like film stars.

Wedding Photography at Mere Court Hotel. Cheshire

I really love this image also. These were taken after the first dance. A wonderful end to my evening.

Mere Court Wedding Photography

It was a freezing cold day in March for the wedding so being a gentleman (!) I left Alan and Gemma indoors and went out side to snatch this photograph. I really like the outdoors looking in feel to this wedding photograph.

Mere Court Hotel Wedding Photography

The first dance, Mere Court has a beautiful conservatory overlooking the Mere at the Hotel. Brilliant for weddings.

Black and White wedding photography.

But before I do leave the blog post I need one more of the beautiful Gemma, this time in Black and White.


It was a wonderful wedding at Mere Court which is a very fine Cheshire Wedding venue. Please feel free to leave any comments and as I am about four wedding behind this year already on blog post you should get to see a few more very soon!

Thank you again for taking the time to look at my photography.

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