Just a couple from the Cheshire Wedding of Sarah and Alex

What a wonderful wedding I had yesterday with Sarah and Mark at the beautiful  Christleton Church just around the corner from my house followed by a brilliant reception at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa a few miles away on the Cheshire/North Wales border.


I’ll blog the rest of the wedding in a few weeks but thought I’d share a couple of my favourites, it really hard choosing my favourites but if you want to see more I’ll add a selection to my facebook page at www.Facebook.com/joejordphotography or if you know Sarah and Alex the entire amazing day will be on my web site at www.JoeJord.co.uk under the proofs tab. Ask Sarah or Alex for the password.

Informal Wedding Photography

A very informal formal wedding photo!!

Sunset, Wedding, Photography, Grosvenor Pulford

I love the sky in this image, a beautiful shot from the Oriental Gardens of the Grosvenor Pulford.

I have chosen one really fun group shot as I normally blog the more dramatic and artistic images on my blog but I always have a lot of fun at a wedding it after all a brilliantly happy occasion. This is a lovely group of all the wedding entourage in the Oriental Gardens of the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa, I love the expressions on peoples faces but can’t really repeat what has been said!!

The second image, in my opinion at least has real wow factor and would be a beautiful fine art image to adorn the couples wall for years to come. We have been incredibly lucky with the sky but it must be pointed out how much work has gone into the image. Alex and Sarah altered the times of the first dance so we would have the opportunity to shoot around sunset and the entire wedding entourage left the bar (not easy after a long day!) so we could have some fun in the garden.

The photograph also isn’t straightforward at all, the is a lot of lighting wizardry going on to illuminate the wedding scene but I feel it was worth every minute to have the chance of recording an artistic wedding image like this.

Have a wonderful weekend and please feel free to add any comments.

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