The Wonderful Cheshire Wedding of Alex and Sarah

This was a beautiful wedding of a wonderful couple at a Church I had never been to yet is very very close to hone, the stunning St James Church in the beautiful picture postcard Cheshire village of Christleton just outside Chester. After a beautiful service the reception was held at another top Cheshire location the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa.

Alex and Sarah were a wonderful couple to work with and we managed to produce a beautiful collection of contemporary and artistic wedding photography despite a rather wet day at times.

St James Church, Bride, Wedding, Christleton, Church, Wedding

Sarah arriving at the Church as the bridesmaids watch on. Sarah Dad can be seen in the distance waiting to walk his wonderful daughter down the aisle. This is a nervous moment for any bride but somehow I think Alex is probably more nervous waiting inside!

Bride, Church, Doorway, Christleton, Chester, Cheshire

Sarah and her father walk through the beautifully ornate door of picture perfect St James’ Church in Christleton. Christleton is a really beautiful village just minutes away from Chester.

Wedding, St James' Church Christleton.

What a stunning cycling and imagine the stories of love it could tell! Not just of love either Christleton was once the base of the Oliver Cromwell’s Army when Chester was a Royalist stronghold!

Wedding, Church Door, Photography, Cheshire

In the arched doorway of the St James Church wakes a beautiful frame for the happy couple on their wedding day.

Confetti, Wedding, Photography, Cheshire

Aww the confetti, a lovely part of the day and with a forecast for rain and indeed heavy clouds rolling in a good point to jump in the cars and head to the Grosvenor Pulford.

Wedding, Photography, Bridge, Chester, Grosvenor Pulford,

Back at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa we shot to the bridge between showers to take a few wedding photographs. The bridge is a iconic spot at the Grosvenor Pulford and a place where everyone would like a few photos taken.

Bridal Portrait

I love how happy and relaxed Sarah looks in this bridal portrait.

Wedding, Photography Cheshire

What a wonderful bunch of flowers! The couple look rather fine on their big day lso.

Bridal Portrait, Grosvenor Pulford,

The beautiful Sarah taken on the bridge at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and spa. Sarah has the most amazing blue eyes you will ever see.

Grosvenor Pulford, Grosvenor Suite, Wedding Photography

The whole group wedding breakfast going on in the background but Sarah and Alex only have eyes for each other. I really like all the activity going on in the background. This is taken in the Grosvenor Suite at the Grosvenor Pulford.

Sunset, Wedding, Photography, Cheshire, Grosvenor Pulford

As another storm passed over we managed to sneak outside to take some wedding photographs in the gardens. The sky looks suitably stunning as the sun sets over the Welsh hills casting a beautiful light across the Cheshire countryside. BA beautiful bride in a beautiful location on a stunning night.

Grosvenor Pulford, Mirror, Wedding Photography

The Grosvenor Pulford mirror is a must do location for photographs, but today we didn’t take many as time was moving on and the evening guests where awaiting the arrival of a stunning Bride and Groom.

Sunset Wedding Photographers, Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa.

what a golden sky to finish of f an amazing set of wedding photos in the gardens of the Grosvenor Pulford. Sarah and Alex look amazing and I have had a ball taking the photographs.

Evening Wedding Photography, Cheshire, Wedding, Photography

Sarah looks amazing in her wedding dress, it was a perfect choice for her big day and she always looks totally in love and n control.

Evening, Wedding, Photo, Grosvenor Pulford

What an amazing sky, it really adds tremendously to this photograph in the Oriental Garden at the Grosvenor Pulford. The sun has just set behind the sky and the clouds are so wonderfully dramatic.

Fun, Group-shots, Weddings, Cheshire

And to show the fun and laughter of a wedding this group shot is ideal. The expressions on the faces are priceless. I wonder what has been said!!! Again taken in the Oriental Gardens of Cheshire’s finest venue the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa.

Wedding Group Shots, Grosvenor Pulford,

Lets hear if for the boys. With not one of the groomsmen being under six foot! I love the relaxed contemporary and fashion feel of this image.

Wedding Photography Cheshire, Gardens

Someone really had an amazing imagination when they designed the Grosvenor Pulford Oriental Garden, the water features are beautiful and a brilliant background or in this case foreground to the wedding photographs.

Wedding Photography, Cheshire, Grosvenor Pulford,

Alex joins Sarah for a beautiful shot with a stunning reflection across the ponds of the Oriental Gardens. I love this wedding photograph and thing it would look brilliant a lot bigger.

Oriental, Gardens, Wedding, Photography

I could not have wished for a more stunning and enthusiastic person to work with. Sarah was a model bride. This wedding photograph was taken in the Oriental Gardens at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel.

First Dance, Wedding, Photography, Cheshire

The last dance, the end of another wedding adventure for me and the start of a terrific evening of entertainment for Sarah and Alex.

I feel so lucky and proud to be able to make a living from doing something I love, and working with as wonderful a couple as Alex and Sarah really is the icing on a massive multi tier wedding cake.


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