The Mottram Hall Wedding of Emma and Rick

Mottram Hall is a wonderful and quintessential British venue for a very for a perfect Cheshire wedding and an ideal choice to show off the wonderful personalities of Rick and Emma.

It was a wedding I had been looking forward to for a while as the venue is simply stunning and Rick and Emma were a brilliant couple with on their big day. Rick and Emma have loads and loads of enthusiasm and the day was planned perfectly. I also know Rick Sister Claire as she is a North Wales based wedding photographer and a core member of the local photographers’ monthly meet which basically involves a number of local photographers going out for a meal and talking rubbish all night!

The whole day went beautifully at Mottram Hall, the grounds are really stunning and immaculately kept.  It is a perfect example of a Cheshire Garden. The interior has had a major revamp and the people in charge need commending as it simply looks stunning.

Wedding Photography at Mottram Hall, Cheshire

This is a beautiful time in the day when the proud father escorts his beautiful daughter to the service. The grand staircase at Mottram Hall is an imposing backdrop.

Cheshire Wedding Photography, Nottram Hall Wedding Photography

Rick and Emma had a wonderful service at Mottram Hall, it is a stunning example of a Cheshire Estate.

Wedding Photography, Mottram Hall, Cheshire.

The entourage photos are often the most fun of the day with peoples personalities having chance to shine.

Mottram Hall Wedding Photography

Now this is one big tree standing imposing in the garden of Mottram Hall.

Mottram Hall Wedding Photography

Emma and Rick had a brilliant fun entourage to work with. Hopefully some of that character comes out in the photography!

Wedding Photography in Cheshire at Mottram Hall

Garden Wedding Photography at Mottram Hall

What a stunning Rose Garden. Emma and Rick choice of venue was inspired.

Cheshire Wedding Photography

Lord and Lady of the Manor?

Bridal Wedding Photography Cheshire

Emma looks stunning outside the entrance to Mottram Hall. A brooding Cheshire sky adds drama.

Cheshire Wedding Photography

Emma was such a beautiful bride, her smile radiated throughout the day but I really like the serious photo as well!

Cheshire Wedding Photography

The first dance and the end of the day for me. Shame as the party looked like it would be a very good one indeed!

I had a brilliant day at Emma and Rick’s wedding in one of the finest Wedding venues Cheshire has to offer. Hopefully it will not be too long till I get to go back again!

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