Just one of Alex and her beautiful Cheshire Wedding.

Black and White, Cheshire, Bride, Bridal Preparation, Grosvenor PulfordI love the morning of a wedding, anxiety even fear mingled with the excitement and ¬†¬†atmosphere of the biggest day of a brides life. Alex was a dream bride and seemed incredibly relaxed all morning and throughout the day and this beautiful head shot captures her totally at easy as she is made up. It a wonderful time at a wedding and I feel privileged to be able to witness it. I have been a wedding photographer now for nearly 20 years – I know I don’t look old enough….. And this time of day never fails to move me. Maybe that’s why I still love my job, watching the emotion and trying to capture a bit of it with the camera to live as a memory for Alex kids kids.

I have added the colour version also.

Bridal, Preparation, Wedding, Photography, Cheshire

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