Just one from Sian and Scott’s wonderful Cheshire Wedding

Just one. But I think a very beautiful wedding photo and here is a bit of background on image. It February, the air temperature is around 2c and it fair to say it is rather bleak. Inside Sian and Scott are having a wonderful time with the speeches, emotion and story telling of the highest order have the wedding guests howling with laughter and wiping away the odd tear.

As I am photographing this wonderful part of a magical day I am also thinking about the weather out doors! As soon as the speeches are over I’m in luck Sian and Scott dart outside to catch about the only sun we have seen all day – and it only a sliver of red on the horizon, but it enough and in pitch darkness we manage to capture some amazing images.



I haven’t edited the wedding images yet and grabbed this one as the first one I spotted from the collection in the garden as I was uploading the RAW files to the computer. I love it. Sian and Scott look amazing, Sian looks every inch the model bride. Beautiful. The is complex lighting taking place in this image and what you see above is apart from some contrast and sharpening for the internet the wedding photograph is straight from the camera.

I can’t wait to get on and edit all the wedding photographs from this marvellous wedding at the Grosvenor Pulford. Stunning venue. Amazing couple, bloody cold day!

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