One day in March

Spring is in the air and the daffodils are a blooming. And if you are anything like me you are looking forward to a summer already. It easy to forget that March is still winter and just to prove it here is a lovely wedding photograph of Darren and Anna leaving Hawerden Chuch in the snow in March 2013. I can still remember vividly the bridesmaids trying to push the wedding car through the snow to get to the Church, and seeing the beautiful young ladies up to their stilettos in snow I obviously helped, and promptly too no photos!! The snow didn’t stop all day and neither did the fun. It was a wonderful wedding and I have had the pleasure of photographing several of Anna and Darren’s friends weddings. Being recommended by a couple is the finest compliment a photographer van get.

Inglewood Manor, Wedding, Snow, Photography, Umbrella

After the wonderful service they had their reception at the delightful Inglewood Manor¬†on the Wirral and the snow kept coming. And it was ‘wet’ snow the type that just sticks to everything and soaks you to the skin.

In the evening we ventured onto the veranda, not for long, but long enough to capture the snow falling.

Inglewood Manor, Wedding, Snow, Photography, Wirral, Hawerden, Church

It was a wonderful day with wonderful people and was at the very end of March. So lets not put the thermals away just yet!

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