When it gets dark! Wedding Photography in low light.

Often I think Brides and Grooms worry about having a lovely day for the wedding photography, my adopted home county of Cheshire has on the whole rather pleasant weather but that isn’t to say that at times it is cold, wet and windy. And for many months of the year it gets dark rather early! I have added a few images to show a few aspects and advantages of low light and night photography. I personally think the are many advantages and love getting out in the dark. It adds atmosphere, artistic licence and requires a level of creativity from the photographer.

This first image is rather romantic, and it was cold. The is frost on the cars below and but we only had to pop out for the shortest of periods. It also pitch black on the balcony at the Grosvenor Pulford. The image was illuminated with two flash guns, one camera left to light up the amazingly attractive couple and the other was fired through the steam in the background to add a bit of drama. It took seconds to set up and I think has worked really well. At night all the other things I don’t want in the image are easily hidden. I did think of hiding the cars but feel it actually adds a bit to the final image.

Night, Wedding, Photography


The one below could not be more different. Taken on a warm Autumn evening at the Yellow Broom Restaurant near Knutsford it is again really dark and I have used one light fired into the umbrella to cast a beautiful glow on the couple below. All other things have been hidden, it is a garden area full of chairs, and the little door and heart in the background look perfect. The garden light just seems to balance it all off rather nicely. The is no way this image would have looked this good in the day!


Yellow Broom, Wedding, Photography, Cheshire., Umbrella


And of-course the is always beauty. Here a beautiful bride is photographed indoors by the mirror at the Grosvenor Pulford. It is really dark and yet the lack of ambient light helps isolate the beautiful young bride from any distractions. The black and white finish looks wonderful, well I think so anyway. A bride should always be beautiful on her wedding day, and it my job as the storyteller of the wedding to show that.


Black and White, Wedding, Photography


So I suppose what I am trying to say is don’t be scared of the dark!! It can add elements to your wedding photography you would never achieve in the day. It can add drama, beauty, variety, artistry and fun. Just make sure who ever you hire as a photographer knows what they are doing!

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