One or Two from the Grosvenor Pulford Wedding of Susan and Richard

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Sometimes at a wedding everything just falls into place, a perfect couple in an amazing garden against an ethereal sky. One wedding photo for the wall. It good to see how Susan is the boss, adored by Richard as he looks on at his amazing new bride.

Or does everything just fall into place. The answer is yes and no.  Firstly you need a couple prepared to go that little bit extra to produce amazing images, a couple on the same wavelength as the photographer. A couple who have booked the photographer for what he does and what he does is what they want. So as the photographer I was very lucky!

The sky was amazing, but it not easy capturing an amazing sky like this on file. And yes it is all in camera apart from the normal contrast boost applied prior to printing. The problem with this amazing sky is it happened right in the middle of the meals. Right in the middle of when the couple want to be eating and drinking and being merry. But for Richard and Susan this was no problem, they sneaked out! Now that is dedication. In fact they not only sneaked out they dragged the entire entourage out with them! And below is the photographic evidence.

Now with people like this taking the wedding photos is rather easy!

Amazing, Sky, Group, Wedding, Grosvenor, Pulford, Chester, Cheshire, Photography

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