One Photograph from Rebecca and Michaels Cheshire Wedding

On the last Saturday in March I had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and wonderful families as I photographed the fun and laughter, tears and anxieties that make up a perfect day. Rebecca and Michael where brilliant, on a rather windy – well gales to be precise – and forecast of torrential rain they just smiled and laughed and enjoyed the whole day from beginning to end. Here just one taken in the dark and using the wind to our advantage.

Night, Dark, Wedding, Photography, Flowing, Vail, Wow, Cheshire, Grosvenor Pulford

I think they look like a pair of models, and may I thank the two helpers who managed my additional lighting, it was in danger of being blown over!

I’ll blog the rest of this amazing Cheshire Wedding and also add a slide show very soon.

Enjoy and thank you for reading.

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