My Favourite from Emma and Aaron wonderful wedding

Well actually I’m not sure it is my favourite wedding image from the day, the are so many wonderful shots of this amazing couple it hard to pick one! It was my first May wedding of 2015 and a wonderful couple to have to shoot!!

Reflection, Wedding, Photography, Chester, Grosvenor, Pulford, Garden, Low Light, OCF, Fuji x


I think I love this one so much with the colours and the reflection of a beautiful couple in the pond of the Oriental Garden at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel. The balance of colours and the beautiful late afternoon sky reflecting in the water is lovely. I hope they hang a big version of this above the fireplace. Do houses still have fireplaces, mine hasn’t….

I will be blogging the whole amazing wedding soon – but as I am 15 weddings into 2015 and just about finished blogging 2014 weddings it may take me a few weeks to catch up. Or longer!

Thank you for taking the time to read and look at my post, and keep tuned in if you like what I do.


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