A most magnificent room! At Adlington Hall with Nikki and Mark.

Wow what can you say about this magnificent room. With 700 years of history to get it right I think Adlington Hall have made it perfect.

The first image is of Mark awaiting the arrival of his most beautiful Bride Nikki, his wait may seem like an eternity but he is in good company, the Great Hall must of been witness to many a grand occasion. The amazing wall architecture all around with Mark as the centre point on his big day.


Adlington Great Hall, Cheshire, Wedding, Photography, Groom, Waiting

The Second photo is taken from up in the Organ Pit with a very an ultra wide fisheye lens, this one is a Samyang 8mm lens mounted on a Fuji XT1 to give around 180 degree field of view. You can see the characteristics lens distortion from this type of lens. I wonder how many stories the Great Hall at Adlington Hall could tell. And it witnessing another story of love, romance, commitment and promise as Nikki walks towards her waiting Prince.

Adlington Great Hall, Cheshire, Wedding, Photography, Bride, Arrival, Opulent

Nikki and Mark at the alter. Nikki has the most beautiful wedding dress. It flows magnificently down the aisle as she meets Mark for the first time on their wedding day.

Adlington Great Hall, Cheshire, Wedding, Photography, Ceremony, Amazing

You may kiss the bride! The first kiss and one of the most historic and opulent settings you could find. With 700 years of history all around them.

Adlington Great Hall, Cheshire, Wedding, Photography, kissing, signing, ceremony, wedding


I had an amazing day at Adlington Hall, which is near Macclesfield in Cheshire. Nikki and Mark had the most fabulas day and it was an utter pleasure to be part of their wedding in this beautiful and idyllic corner of Cheshire. Hopefully I’ll catch up with my blogging soon and show you a lot more of this amazing day.

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