Off with a BANG! Wedding Fireworks!!

Lelde and Jeevane had a stunning wedding at possible the finest wedding venue in Cheshire the magnificent Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa nestled in green countryside on the outskirts of Chester and with the Welsh border running through the stunning English Garden.

I’ll share more of this amazing wedding later but thought I’d like to show you some of the fireworks this beautiful couple had chosen to finish off their stunning wedding day. I must admit to loving fireworks, I suppose it brings back the childhood memories of cold evening roasting potatoes in the embers and watching in awe as the fireworks fly to the heavens. Bonfires night  was always such an exciting time as a child!

Black and White, Amazing, Fireworks, Wedding, Photography, Cheshire


Being full of colour and explosions I always think of fireworks looking best in colour but I actually really like this image in black and white. Lelde and Jeevane totally in love and oblivious to everyone around them and yet you can see all the life and excitement of the wedding with guests playing with the sparklers and love all around.

Fireworks, Wedding, Samesex, Same-sex, Grosvenor Pulford


This is an identical image to the one above but in colour. I think I prefer the colour. I love the way the explosions and sparklers are lighting up the crowd. I have to confess to cheating a little with the lighting, the are one or two lights positioned about to light up the guests and this is a July wedding around 22.00 and the sky in reality is actually quite light still so I have underexposed the image so it records as night. Who says the camera never lies…. All effects are in camera and the image in the amazing electronic viewfinder of my Fuji XT1 looked more or less like the finished item.

Fireworks, Wedding, Samesex, Same-sex, Grosvenor Pulford


Just to add a bit of difference this fireworks wedding photograph has the people removed simply by turning some of my lights off!! It isolates the beautiful young couple celebrating the biggest day of their lives with a bang! How amazingly beautiful a couple they are, it was an absolute joy to work with Lelde and Jeevane at the Grosvenor Pulford.
Amazing, Fireworks, Wedding, Photography, Cheshire

And the last one is a wide shot to show off as much of the atmosphere as possible, hopefully in the series of four images I have managed to show a bit of intimacy and also the fun love and excitement of the crowd celebrating a perfect wedding day. The star-burst in the crowd by the way isn’t a weird firework but one of my flashguns used to illuminate the people. I was going to remove it but actually think it adds something to the photograph. I don’t get to shoot fireworks very often but it great fun when I do.

I hope you love the wedding photographs just as much as I did taking them. As a photographer I cover mainly the North West of England and North Wales but will travel anywhere in the UK or further afield so if you like the imagery that I produce please feel free to get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Thank you for taking an interest in my photography, I have been working professionally for  over twenty years and still have to pinch myself that this is my job. Sharing in peoples biggest and most important day of their lives and having the honour of recording the wedding for generations to come.

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