A wedding image for the day.

I was walking through the delightful Chester Grosvenor Park today after meeting a couple who had just booked a wedding with me. Being on my doorstep it is easy to forget just how lovely the park is and the has also been a lot of invested into the park lately by the Cheshire West Council.

Chester, Grosvenor, Park, Roman, Arches, Wedding, PhotographyI was scouting in Grosvenor Park for possible photographic opportunities for upcoming weddings. It funny but I do not shoot many weddings actually in Chester, most of the main wedding venues are outside. But I have a few coming up in the next couple of months who are either getting married in the beautiful Roman town or in Churches in the centre.

The one above is taken in the park a couple of years ago under the ruined arches dating back to I presume Roman times. I wonder how many love stories the stones could tell.

I should really walk around the local park a bit more – Chester truly is a stunning location.


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