One for Monday

I think a photographer is like a storyteller, we are there to record the events as they unfold and tell the story, sometimes using poetic licence to enhance the beauty, emotions and drama that is already there. I love this photograph of a beautiful couple walking past the Chester Grosvenor Hotel, it was taken from the Walls above Eastgate Street in Chester  near the famous clock.

Chester Wedding Photography, Chester Grosvenor, Sepia

The couple are obvious as are all the people, many going around there own business but many stopping to look at the most wonderful of events that a wedding is. Some just a quick glance, some congratulate them some just smile. It is truly beautiful. Very few would be aware of me, the photographer has blended into the story!

Look a bit further back and you can see the Grooms Father with a video camera, capturing the proud moment when his son walks away with his stunning bride. And still a bit further away are the entourage. I think this documentary snapshot of the day is beautiful.

I have had a slight hand in helping the couple stand out, the camera is underexposing everything except the couple who have a couple of lights on them to just add a bit of pop and bring them out of the picture, after all this is there fairytale. As the storyteller I feel content. A beautiful image of a beautiful couple in the middle of my adopted home of Chester.

Owe yes and one final thing, this was Valentines day. Perfect.


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