St Werburgh’s Chester and a very special photograph

St Werburgh’s Roman Catholic Church in Chester is a magnificent building dating back over 250 years and celebrating weddings and life and death for ten of thousands. It is also probably the most relaxed and fun Church I know with none of the often, in my opinion, plain obtuse attitude of the clergy.

St Werburgh’s is different. And here just one reason it different, the are many but just this one makes it for me as a photographer and a storyteller. Normally as a photographer I am banished to the corner when the register is signed. I cannot take photos of the nitty gritty crux of the service. I am sure the is good reason for this, I’m sure many photographers have annoyed and got in the way of this most precious of moments.

St Werburgh's Roman Catholic, Church, Chester, Wedding, Signing

St Werburgh’s is different and here the stunning beautiful Susan signs the certificate of marriage under the watchful eye of the priest. A magical moment and, for me anyway much more powerful than the posed image you are obliged to take in most venues, be that a church or a hotel or register office.

A beautiful moment, documented for generations to come. Thank you Father.

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