Moor and Wolds 400K Audax

Back in June I and about 30 others had the pleasure (!!) of riding the Moors and Wolds 400K (250 miles) Audax from not so sunny Alfeton near Nottingham due North up to Helmsley then across above York to Just inland of Scarborough before heading back down to Alfreton via the Hull bridge. It seemed a long way to cycle to end up back at the beginning! Audax riding is basically endurance event with a maximum time limit normally based on cycling 15kph, any rest, food stops, mechanicals ect have to come out of this time limit.

This even started in typical British summer weather of windy, damp and generally a nice day for March type weather, except it was June! This gradually got worse till the darkest clouds I’ve ever seen suddenly opened up around Stamford Bridge at about the 80 miles mark. The world was suddenly flooded and whole roads where being closed by the Police as the Fire Service did their best to pump the roads out. the floods came up to my pedals and where so strong pouring off the fields that they had a current! Summer indeed! Luckly what can only be described as biblical conditions didn’t last long and where soon replaced by brightening sky – which prevailed for the rest of the event.

The next challenge where the hills of the before the Helmsley – they came as rather a shock after the flat lands of the East Riding’s of Yorkshire, but after my legs got used to climbing again they where quite enjoyable as where the Fish and Chips in a magnificent chip shop in Helmsley at around the 100 mile mark. I had rode the last 50 miles with another Audaxer and we were to ride around together, it always helps having a bit of company on the longer events.

From Helmsley the route took a right turn and a lumpy section along the edge of the Yorkshire Moors and the over the Wolds, the Wolds where a beautiful place to be riding and the views where magnificent. Just inland from Scarborough the route turned for home and not long after that the day gave way to night. Night riding is really enjoyable, hardly any cars on the road and the world is reduced to the beam from your headlight. We crossed the Humber Bridge in the early hours before watching a magnificent Sunrise and finishing to a bacon sandwich at the organisers house about 6.30. An excellent and enjoyable ride with good company and it only rained for the first six hours….

Stats for the ride are:

Distance 410 km (255 miles)

Average Speed 24.7 km/h (15.3 mph)

Cycling time 16h 37 min


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