The Hollywood Kiss

A classic of every Hollywood romantic blockbuster is the long lingering kiss. And what a better place to record it than in the true arena of love a wedding. This magical photograph was taken at Michaels and Rebecca’s fantastic Cheshire Wedding at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa just on the Welsh border. It was […]

No words are needed.

I love this documentary wedding photo from Rebecca and Michaels amazing Grosvenor Pulford Wedding. Michael’s expression and loving gaze for sums up this amazing day as he catches Rebecca, his soon to be wife eye as she glides up the aisle. A really magical moment and I was lucky to be able to capture it. […]

One Photograph from Rebecca and Michaels Cheshire Wedding

On the last Saturday in March I had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and wonderful families as I photographed the fun and laughter, tears and anxieties that make up a perfect day. Rebecca and Michael where brilliant, on a rather windy – well gales to be precise – and forecast of torrential […]

The Slideshow of Richard and Susan’s amazing wedding

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing the amazing wedding of two wonderful people – Susan and Richard. It was a wonderful spring day starting with the girls getting ready in the morning then onto the amazing St Werburgh’s Church in Chester for a wonderful and uplifting Catholic service. ┬áThen after a little walk […]

One or Two from the Grosvenor Pulford Wedding of Susan and Richard

  Sometimes at a wedding everything just falls into place, a perfect couple in an amazing garden against an ethereal sky. One wedding photo for the wall. It good to see how Susan is the boss, adored by Richard as he looks on at his amazing new bride. Or does everything just fall into place. […]