Phillippa & James Graphi Wedding Album

Phillippa and James had a wonderful wedding back in the summer at the beautiful Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa. The Grosvenor Pulford is one of the finest venues around and it is an amazing venue for the wedding photography as it has a stunning interior not one but two beautiful gardens and a beautiful exterior. I know the venue well and it is a pleasure working there and I feel very privileged to be also recommended by such a stunning venue.

Phillipa and James have chosen a stunning Graphi Wedding album and these are the pages. The couple can make amendments as needed to the album as well as change some of the wedding album pages to black and white or sepia if desired. I love the Graphi albums and they are my best selling product. Phillippa and James have also chosen a metallic cover for their wedding album.

This is the cover photo taken in the courtyard of the Grosvenor Pulford. It is one of my favourite wedding photographs from 2012.


Grosvenor Pulford Wedding Photography Culshaw-Roberts Page 01-02 Culshaw-Roberts Page 03-04 Culshaw-Roberts Page 05-06 Culshaw-Roberts Page 07-08 Culshaw-Roberts Page 09-10 Culshaw-Roberts Page 23-24 Culshaw-Roberts Page 25-26 Culshaw-Roberts Page 27-28 Culshaw-Roberts Page 31-32 Culshaw-Roberts Page 33-34 Culshaw-Roberts Page 35-36 Culshaw-Roberts Page 39-40 Culshaw-Roberts Page 43-44 Culshaw-Roberts Page 45-46 Culshaw-Roberts Page 47-48 Culshaw-Roberts Page 49-50 Culshaw-Roberts Page 51-52 Culshaw-Roberts Page 53-54I think the album will look absolutely stunning with the metallic pages that have been selected. We where lucky to have some lovely weather on the day and the time to take photo in the various locations in this leading Cheshire hotel. Phillippa and James where a wonderful couple to work with and full of enthusiasm to create the wedding images to last a life time.

Thank you Phillippa and James for employing me to record your big day, it was a pleasure working with you on your big day. It was a wonderful wedding and a real pleasure working with you two and your amazing family and friends.


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