A Snow Wedding, just (nearly) one image from Paul and Rachel’s wedding

Snow! Rachel and Paul had a ski theme to there wonderful Cheshire wedding with all the wedding tables named after a ski resort so it was rather fitting that we had some snow to compliment the theme. Only problem was that it didn’t stop snowing all day!! Rachel and Paul where not to be denied and we managed to get a few photos out side.

Winter Wedding at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel

A winter garden at the stunning Grosvenor Pulford Hotel

I’ll blog the rest of Paul and Rachel s wonderful winter wedding next week but this one photo was taking in the garden of my favourite hotel the award winning and voted Cheshire’s finest hotel, the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa.

Rachel & Paul never once complained about the cold or anything for that matter and where a real pleasure to work with on their wedding day, the snow continued to fall and I’m sure Rachel must have been a bit chilly by the end of it. The Grosvenor Pulford has some amazing indoor places for photography as well so at least she got chance to warm up by the fire later in the day.

Rachel also commandeered a couple of her friends to brave the weather and help me with lights, I can do this on my own fine but it just speeds things up to have a helper and as it was cold the speed was very important.  I thought it may be fun to see the helpers suffering! The is a very technical term for helpers – VALs which stands for Voice Activated Light Stands! They don’t llo too comfortable in the snow and note the plastic bags over the flash heads to protect them from the wet!

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