Cairngorm Lovelyness

Scotland really is a magical place and I was lucky enough to be invited up to spend a long weekend with friends in Aviemore right in the centre of the Highlands and thought I’d sare a few images from this amazing location. I am a Scot, from Aberdeen and I know the Scottish Highland pretty well having climbed, walked, cycled and photographed the Scottish Mountains for decades. I actually started photography as a landscape photographer and I first purchased a camera all those years ago to record the wild lands I travelled. This time we didn’t go any where remote and just had a very relaxing time in glorious wall to wall sunshine and short sleeves. In November!!

Loch Morlich, Sunshine, Blue Sky, Scotland

Loch Morlich bathed in Sunshine with the most beautiful of autumnal colours in the forests around Loch Morlich. 

Cairngorm. Ski.

Looking towards the Cairngorm Ski Station in blinding Light. It really hard to believe how warm and still it was for November. 

Lairig Ghru, Cairngorms, Scotland, November

The Lairig Ghru. Probably the mightiest pass in Scotland leading to Braemar. It is an old drovers route and covered in snow for many months of the year. 

Lairig Ghru, Lhasapoo

The Beast! Jet the Lhasapoo leading the way as the humans take off more layers. In November. 

Sunset, Ski Station, Loch Morlich, Aviemore, Cairngorm

Sunset taken from the ski station at the Cairngorm looking out over the Spay Valley. Aviemore is the light patch to the left and the Loch is Morlich. 

Loch Morlich, Autumn, Golden, Cairngorm, Aviemore

Autumn Light on Loch Morlich looking back to the Cairngorms. The colours are so subtle and so amazing. 

Loch Morlich, Autumn, Golden, Cairngorm, Aviemore

Similar to above but a darker exposure. The Cairngorm’s look so magical. 

Chalamain Gap, Walker, Cairngorm. Sunshine

A perfect Autumnal day. Walking towards the Chalamain Gap.

Cairngorms, Golden, Light, Blue Sky

Looking back towards Nethy Bridge. 

Chalamain Gap

The view from the Chalamain Gap framing the view to Nethy Bridge

Chalamain Gap, Boulders

Boulders in the Chalamain Gap.

Chalamain Gap, Simon

The summit of the Chalamain Gap

Lairig Ghru

Dropping down to the Lairig Ghru

Scots Pine, Lairig Ghru

Scot Pine in the Lairig Ghru. A symbol of Scotland. 

Sunset, Loch Morlich

A beautiful Sunset above Loch Morlich to finish the blog and one star duck!

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