North Wales Mountain Photography

This post is a little different. My first love in photography was mountains. In fact it is why I picked up a camera in the first place I wanted to record some of the amazing locations that I found myself in which lead to me becoming a photographer in the first place. It used to be very different carrying a large of medium format camera weighing about 3kg and a tripod which added another couple up a mountain before dawn to catch the sunrise. These images are from a walk on a wedding free Saturday on a cold day in October, it was below freezing on the high ground a few degrees above in the valley and the mountain rage was the Glyders in Snowdonia. I should of got up for the sunrise like in the old days which would of meant leaving the house at about 4am, for some reason the others going where not that keen on the 4am wakeup call and it was a leisurely 10am departure from the Ogwen Valley instead. It was a beautiful if windswept day on the hills and I’m really pleased with the images. All the photos where taken on my mini Nikon V1 camera which is a brilliant travel camera when the big Nikons are well too big!

One thing I love about the the darker months of the year is when the light does come out it is of an amazing quality are really lights up the land. Photographers often call the hours of daylight around dawn and dusk as the golden hour as the light is perfect for landscape photography. I think the winter months are the golden months – the light is beautiful all day!

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