The 2014 Mile Muncher Diary

A very different post to normal, it a little recap of my travels by cycle in 2014. As the year draws to an end it always good to look back and plan anew a one or two people had said I should do a little blog so here it is. I’ve only added Audax rides and events of 100 miles or more apart from the TransWales which hold a special place in my heart so deserves to be included and deserves a future blog post of it own.

I’ve started with a very boring table and will add a hopefully less boring account of each ride! Some rides deserve a post of there own!  I think writing this is far harder than riding!

Date Distance KM  Miles Elevation Meters in Feet Description
04/01/2014 202 125 1500 4920 One way solo 200k to Rhayader.
28/02/2014 207 128 800 2624 Shropshire solo 200 to Eccleshall.
08/03/2014 200 123 2500 8200 Solo 200 of the Clwyidian Mountains.
01/04/2014 213 131 800 2624 Solo 200 to Montgomery.
16/04/2014 214 132 3000 9840 The Bwlch Y Groes with Micheal Henderson.
21/04/2014 172 106 1000 3280 One way trip to Keswick visiting family.
10/05/2014 212 131 1000 3280 Montgomery and Bishops Castle with the CRC.
11/05/2014 162 100 600 1968 Debbie and Jo’s first 100 miler,
18/05/2014 214 132 3000 9840 The Bwlch and Lake Vyrnwy with the CRC
31/05/2014 302 186 5000 16400 The Snow Roads Audax
14/06/2014 610 377 4500 14760 3 Coasts 600k Audax
29/06/2014 162 100 1000 3280 CTC 100 miler
12/07/2014 211 130 1000 3280 Montgomery and Bishops Castle with the CRC
26/07/2014 212 131 1000 3280 Montgomery and Bishops Castle with the CRC
09/08/2014 627 387 4000 13120 Windsor Chester Windsor 600
07/09/2014 162 100 1100 3608 100 miler with Debbie and Jo
30/09/2014 210 130 1000 3280 Solo 200k to Montgomery and Bishops Castle
17/18/19 October 387 239 6000 19680 Three day Trans Wales with the the Chester Road club.
29/10/2014 210 130 1500 4920 Solo 200k to the Stiperstone and Kerry Ridgeway
03/11/2014 213 131 1500 4920 Kerry Ridgeway and Stiperstones with the CRC
Total 5102km 3149miles 41’800meters 137’104ft

04/01/14 January’s 1st long ride, a 200k DIY Audax down to Rhayader

DIY Audax to Rhayader

Jan 14 Elevation

The mile munching started for me on the 4th of January with a solo, cold damp, one way ride into a head wind to Rhayader.

I left in the dark and arrived in the dark through a snowstorm and all my lights failed in the cold and the GPS registered an average temperature of 3c and a finishing temp of -5!

It was a flat first 100k then a lumpy ride over the Long Mynd  before a dark and snow bound ride over the Knighton Hills into Rhayader.

January miles count double apparently….

28/02/14 saw a solo 200k DIY Audax.

Feb 14 Elevation Feb 14

Funny how misleading graphs can be – it looks hilly but is actual a flattish ride staying in the shelter of the Cheshire Shropshire plain. Apart from a reluctance to leave the cafe into the cold again at Eccleshall I can’t really remember much about this solo effort around Shropshire.

08/03/14 A 3rd solo 200K DIY Audax over the Clewydian Range of mountains in North Wales.

Current Track- 08 MAR 2014 05-10 (1 of 4 ) 08-03-2014, Elevation MAR 14

A lumpy ride over the Panorama and Horseshoe Pass before dropping down to Ruthin and a late breakfast in lovely weather with for the most part a tail wind.

Then climbing up to Lake Brenig and across the moors to Abergelde by the seaside before turning into the wind and to Chester.  Lovely day through stunning country with spectacular views.

01/04/14 was a solo 200k DIY Audax to Montgomery.

April 14 Elevation April 14

Flattish run down to the borders to get April going. Windy run down with a cracking tail wind back. I had my first experience of the ‘Montgomery Wind Tunnel’ on every subsequent ride down there the wind has been brutal for the last ten or fifteen miles into Montgomery no matter if it hasn’t felt that bad getting there. I’ve started reversing the loop…

16/04/14 DIY 200K to Lake Vyrnwy

April 2 14 April 2 Elevation

Into big country with Michael Henderson from the Chester Road Club. Hilly ride over Wales highest road climb,  Bwlch Y Groes before lunch at Lake Vyrnwy and returning home via the Hinualt pass and the Horseshoe Pass. A really grande day out with warm spring like weather and fine company.

21/04/14 A hundred miler up to Keswick to visit family on a bank holiday

April 14 100miler April 100 miler Elevation


A really nice solo ride up to Keswick – well really nice after I got past the massive built up area around Warrington. This countries cycling infrastructure is a joke!  Another fine day on the bike and another 100 miles in the legs.

10/05/14 DIY 200k Audax with the CRC

May 14 Elevation May 14


A very windy ride down to Montgomery and it wind tunnel, then to  Bishops Castle and a very wind assisted ride home with a Peter and David from the Chester Road Club. I love this area it is more or less car free.

11/05/14 Debbie and Jo’s first hundred miler

May 100 miles Elevation May 100 miles

It always nice to put something back into cycling and as a rider I think your first 100 miler is always a big objective. We had a few along on another windy day – the forecast was for torrential rain and gales – we got the gales but the rain stayed away. Not the easiest first 100 but at least it was wind assisted coming home.

18/05/14 Back to the Bwlch DIY 200 with the Chester Road Club

May 2 14 May 2 Elevation

And the video. This was a two stage ride – 8 people left Chester early doors and met up with another gang who where doing just the central hilly bit on the graph above.

It was a really fine day with great company and we managed to help a few newbies to break the 200K barrier. And I even managed to take some photos!

vyrnwy 06 vyrnwy 11 vyrnwy 14 vyrnwy 18 vyrnwy 19 vyrnwy 24 vyrnwy 28 vyrnwy 29 vyrnwy 34 vyrnwy 37 vyrnwy 52 vyrnwy 57


31/05/14 The Snow Roads 300K Audax with 5000 meters of climbing

Current Track- 31 MAY 2014 05-49 (1 of 5 ) 31-05-2014 Snow Roads Profile

The first long one for 2014 and my favourite 300K. I am from Aberdeen and have lived in the Strathdon Glens as a child.  I have travelled over these hills as a walker and mountain runner for decades and it feels like home even if in all probabilities  leafy Cheshire is where I’ll always be!!

And another video

And a separate post

The Snowroads take in the major climbs in the North East of Scotland including you guessed it the Snow resorts of Lecht and Glen Shee. It is a truly wonderful tour of the Grampian Mountains and I rode it with a few friends many of which had never attempted a 300K before let along over the hills which lay ahead.

Superb day out in for Scotland wonderful weather – even if I did feel on the verge of hypothermia coming off Glen Shee at high speed in the dark at just a few degrees above freezing.



14/06/14 Three Coasts 600K Audax

3 coasts June 14 Elevation

Cracking route starting in the middle of England at Mytholmroyd near Hebden Bridge before riding across to Bridlington on the East Coast and then a return to Mytholmroyd and heading out to the West Coast at Blackpool, then heading North to Glasson Dock before a rather lumpy (particularly with 500K in the legs!!) return across the Forest of Bowland to Mythrolmroyd – not forgetting the very last climb up Blackstone Edge before the final drop down England longest decent to the finish. Really fine ride and one I had bailed on a few years back with an erm sore bum!!

29/06/14 Cyclist Touring Club 100 miler with Friends

June 14 100 June 100 Elevation

A lovely relaxed ride up to the Wizard Cafe and a few lumps around Macclesfield before a ride back with pub stops along the way! Cycling at it best. Also helping a few others hit the magic 100 mile bench mark for the first time.

12th  and 26th of July

July 2 14 Elevation July 14

Twice along the same route with the Chester Road Club helping a few people do there first 200K. The loop around to Montgomery and back via Bishops Castle is getting quite popular!

09/08/14 Windsor Chester Windsor 600K Audax

August 14 Elevation August 14

This was the first 600K Audax in the UK and after a gap of many years was re-erected this year and what a wonderful route. It managed to go from Windsor to Chester and by pass nearly every town of any size along the way. The worst part was riding into Chester and leaving again into Hurrican Bertha when I could of just gone to bed! Hurracane Bertha was fun,  as events all around where cancelled with the rather biblical rain and flood conditions the Audax faithful never batted an eyelash! The rain only lasted about six hours anyway……

I’m the one sat down in the Chester Road Club jersey and day-glow shoes at the half way point of Chester getting ready to do battle with Hurricane Bertha and the return run.

CWC Support



Windsor Chester Windsor also finished off my Super Randonneur series for 2014 which is a 200k/300k/400k/600k in a calender year. I didn’t do a 400 so substituted did 2x 600k instead.

A rather fine ride indeed – now if only they would start it in Chester instead!!

07/09/14 100 miler with Debbie and Jo

September 14 September 100 14 Elevation

A lovely day out over the Goyt Valley with rather wooden legs! Cheshire has some wonderful cycling.

30/09/14 Solo 200K to Bishops Castle

Same map as above – the default run down to Montgomery and Bishops castle this time on the last day of the month keeping my streak of 38 months of at least a 200K a month going. Lovely day out on the bike and even the Montgomery Wind Tunnel wasn’t too windy!!

17/18/19 October The Trans Wales

Trans Wales map Trans Wales Profile

This was a Chester Road Club event starting in St Davids (well a bit outside and we had to ride there!!) and finishing back in Chester taking in some of the finest climbs in Wales with for me the highlights where the Y Talbot pub!!! ow and the Elan Valley Mountain Road, Dylife Mountain Road and the good Old Bwlch Y groes from Dinas.

Mighty climbs with brilliant company and a blue print for future events. It deserves a blog post of it own. It is on the to do list!

Trans Wales 001 Trans Wales 002 Trans Wales 006 Trans Wales 008 Trans Wales 016 Trans Wales 017 Trans Wales 018 Trans Wales 019 Trans Wales 021 Trans Wales 023 Trans Wales 024 Trans Wales 025 Trans Wales 032 Trans Wales 039 Trans Wales 042 Trans Wales 044 Trans Wales 045



29/10/14 200K DIY Audax up the Stiperstone and Kerry Ridgeway climbs.

Oct 14 October Elevation

Had company for half of the ride and a solo ride home – really bleak, cold and grey but with some wonderful climbs up over the Stiperstone and Kerry Ridgeway. It felt like winter! It was also a reccie for a Chester RC ride the following week.

03/11/14 Start of the Chester RC Mile Munchers 200K DIY Audax the map and profile is as above.

This was the beginning of a monthly mile muncher ride with the CRC legions and a way of promoting Audax events. 8 people completed a cracking ride with two climbs. I’m sure some will have decided the long stuff isn’t for them but for others the start of a very long a winding road.

It was a really fine day out with good company, I managed to miss everyone at the start and along with Neal found the remaining six just outside Shrewsbury and ready for a coffee stop. Before sticking impressively well together and finishing in the dark as a cohesive group.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog – I found it rather tough writing it!!









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