The Cave Model Shoot

A bunch of local photographers from Chester and North Wales try and get together once a month for food and general chat but for a change I suggested a model shoot in a cave on the Sandstone Hills near Tarporley in Cheshire. Amazingly lots and lots of models and photographers wanted to come along. So in the end we had 7 models 6 photographers one make up artist and a dog! It was quite a trauma getting to the cave with the lovely June monsoon making the approach a real challenge!

The cave was really dark with only flash guns for lighting. The flashguns where placed off camera and fired remotely using the brilliant Radio Poppers system.  A real challenge but also very transferable to a working scenario and the light set up is very similar to the lighting I’d use on every wedding, particular in the evening or low light. I only shot 3 of the models but they all performed amazingly well. It had to comprehend the conditions they had to work in, cold, wet outside, really muddy and the creatures of the dark cave lurking in the background.

All makeup was done by Pauline Griffiths and took around 7 hours for everyone. The models supplied there own kit for the theme of ‘Cave Girl’

I really enjoyed the shoot and it just goes to show you can get lovely pictures anywhere with a bit of skill and imagination.

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