A behind the scene peek!

I really love this photo taken of Jessica at Dinas Bran Castell (Crow Castle) near Llangollen in North Wales. It was taken late in the evening just after the sun set but unusually another photographer I know Stu Worrall was taking a photo from behind and shows the complex set up to the image. I thought it may be rather interesting. There are two lights illuminating the model one at the front and one behind. Here is Stu photograph.

As you can see I have two assistants holding the lights for speed and I am on the floor for a really dramatic angle to the photo. The lights are just camera flash guns as I use Nikon equipment they are SB910 and SB900s fired remotely via RadioPoppers. The front flash gun is fired through a grid to keep the light very directional and avoid it spilling on the grass and other parts of the photo which I wanted to keep dark. And below is the final image – or at least one in the set I took.


I think it is easy to underestimate how much time and equipment goes into such an apparently straight forward photograph, and that is not including the hike up to the Castle!

Hair and makeup was by Pauline Griffiths.

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