Vikki Cheshire Model shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing Vikki for  her model portfolio and she wanted something a bit different. I have worked with Vikki several times in the past and she really is a top model. We wanted a contemporary and different feel but also utilising her tutu! Viki is a dancer, singer and model so rather talented and the tutu was a great prop.

I really love this headshot with a golden vintage finish. The makeup was done by Pauline Griffiths and I think it looks wonderful.

Model Photography in Cheshire

With the awful weather we where having this week I was looking for a contemporary background but indoors! I didn’t want to use the studio so decided on the really amazing executive rooms at my favourite hotel, The Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa. Not a bad background and it hard to believe it is a hotel!

Model Photography at the Grosvenor Pulord

Another simple head-shot but I think Vikki looks rather beautiful.

This was one of the ideas we had before the shoot and we have used the corridor of the hotel to I think anyway very good effect. It also a shoot that can be reproduced at nearly any venue – they all hove corridors!!

This is taken from the other direction and finished in a vintage coffee effect and I think looks rather moody, even a bit sad. I did think about adding a separation light behind Vikki to lift her from the background but decided not to as I thought the blond hair would separate naturally. Looking at the image I’m glad I didn’t.

This is a very similar shot but taken with a wider lens.

Again using the same location – the corridor- this is a shot of Vikki walking. The tutu looks rather like a wedding dress. All I need is a bride to want to play about up here at my next wedding!

I love the feel of this photograph and the contrast from the relatively hard light hitting her face.

This shot is taken into the smoked mirror window in the door frame of the room – it was a shot we wanted to reproduce but I wan’t sure if the smoked glass would reflect very well. Instead of lighting Vikki I found firing the flash into the glass proved more effective as a lot less light was needed on Vikki than the glass to get a good reflection! The finish is acid.

And the last one, still using the doors mirrors but with a much softer finish to the photograph.

I hope you enjoyed the model photography. It is an area I used to work in exclusively and it is wonderful to revisit it. Many thanks to Pauline for the amazing make-up and Vikki for being Vikki!

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