Gothic Model Shoot, the story of one image.

I loved this shoot with the gorgeous Jessica, The brief was to do something a bit dark even and not really like the normal portraiture I shoot. The location was Saighton village hall (now that is a good name of a village for a Gothic shoot!) which is a converted chapel so had some amazing Gothic windows.which would be the back drop. The problem was it wasn’t exactly ideal for a photo shoot as it is a working village hall and has tables/poster and other bits and pieces scattered about. Jessica VH 1 PE Grun

I thought the best way to resolve this was to wait until it was quite dark – you can see how dark it looks through the windows, and just light Jessica allowing everything else to go black. I think it worked!

Jessica VH 1


Jessica is lying on a table but it gives the impression of floating . I think I prefer the more muted colours above but the colour is so red it really jumps off of the page. The black and white one is maybe my favourite.

The lighting was a simple speed light.

Gothic, Portrait, Siaghton. Black and White, Amazing

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