Castell Dinas Bran Model Shoot

For a change a bunch of local photographers got together to do a model shoot at Crow Castle or Castell Dinas Bran. The castle is a prominent landmark on the Llangollen sky line for anyone heading into the beautiful vale and a regular spot for stunning landscapes. I only took 40 or so images as I felt my time may be better used helping with the lighting set ups as it was just around sunset when we got there and the light was fading fast. To light the images I used 3 flash guns fired via the brilliant Radio Poppers. One of the flash guns was fired through a grid to get a real direction to the light. I also used a reg gel to get a degree of warmth and separation into the background. We had three models up the top of the hill but I only worked with Jessica, who was amazing. Trying to look elegant on a narrow rock in the dark and cold is not that easy. Pauline as always did a wonderful job with the make-up.

All of the set up are so easily transferable to wedding photography and hopefully you will see some of the lighting set ups in use with he wedding images.

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