Cheshire Portrait of Laura and John at Eccleston, Chester

Laura and John have booked their wonderful wedding with me for July next year and we got together to do an engagement photo shoot by Eccleston  just on the River Dee outside of Chester. Eccleston is a beautiful little village with a delightful Church which the busy River Dee runs through. The river is very busy with boats and rowing teams coming up from Chester.

This is one of the goergeous couple in full country attire with their two Schnauzers just by the River Dee in Eccleston.

This is a lovely photo of the happy couple in the woods following the river, just up the river is Alford and this is a lovely walk with a lovely pub at the end of it. All you need to do is find a way back to Chester or have a long walk with a full stomach!

I really like the feel of this photo, it looks like it should be advertising something! The River Dee is so beautiful and such a relaxing place for a photo shoot. This portrait photo is finished in the Colour Sepia effect I really like in wedding photos.

And here is a close up of the happy couple and the enthusiastic dogs taken moments later. The dogs seem to be rather enjoying the attention!

And here are the two hounds posing perfectly for the camera, they are incredibly intelligent looking dags with beautiful markings. As a dog owner myself I know just how important dogs are in a family. Our own little Lhasapoo is treated like a baby at times!

Enjoy the portrait photography and please feel free to leave a comment.

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