A sneak peek from Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

I had the pleasure of returning to one of the most stunning wedding locations in the UK last week, the last weekend of January, for a wonderful winter wedding at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel near Melrose in the Scottish Borders for the amazing wedding of Amy and Christopher. And what a winter wedding they had, snow, gales, blizzards and temperatures hardly into single figures. The weather was certainly wintry but has luck would have it there were clearings in the blizzards and we managed to get out into the amazing surrounds of Dryburgh Abbey and here are a few of my favorites.

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I love this wedding photograph showing wintry scene from the amazing Dryburgh Abbey. I love the ruins from the Abbey and the panorama showing the amazing sky line. But lets just chat about what the photograph doesn’t show. First it is really cold, 1c at best. Second it is blowing a gale, the amazing Amy had already had her veil blown out of her hair and the wind chill was considerable. And it isn’t snowing, but it was and it was about to again. The whole day the blizzards swept across the borders and then were replaced by blue sky. The can’t be many times when I have seen the weather change so much. But Amy, Chris and the entire entourage didn’t complain once. They ahd dreamed of a winter wedding in the idyllic Scottish Borders and that is was what they had. The Abbey sits on the banks of the mighty Tweed.     

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I love this image, it is taken in the old Chapel of Dryburgh Abbey as we sheltered from the storm and tried to get out of the brutal winds. How perfect a  hiding place. You can feel the atmosphere of this amazing place, it is actually the burial place of Sir Walter Scott.  The abbey was established in 1150 by white-clad Premonstratensian canons.

Cellar, Wedding, Photography, Scotland, Dryburgh Abbey, Scoltand

An amazing bunch of people who had a wonderful wedding at Dryburgh. The ruins form a perfect backdrop. The Abbey has felt the sound of war occasionally in this secluded spot, most famously in 1322, when Edward II’s retreating army, on hearing the abbey’s bells ringing in the distance, turned aside and set fire to the place. The Protestant Reformation effectively ended Dryburgh Abbey’s days, and by 1584 just two brethren remained alive.Considering its time in ruin the Abbey is in amazing condition and just shows the quality of the construction. 

Amazing, Cellar, Wedding, Photography, Scotland, Dryburgh Abbey, Scoltand

Look closely and you can spot the pink Hunter Wellies. How cute and how necessary. This is very similar to the photograph above but closer. It has a very different feel to the wider shot above and just shows the difference a change of focal lens can make to an image. The walls texture and patters are enchanting. I wonder what these walls have witnessed over the years.    

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I will finish this blog with a photograph of the men, and post more from this amazing wedding later. This shot in black and white is taken in the Old Chapel. An amazing place and one I hope I’ll be returning to soon. It a long drive from Chester but well worth it.

Thank you for reading the blog, it was an amazing day and a pleasure to work for Amy and Chris on their big day.

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