A Bride in waiting. Lindsey in make-up on the morning of her wedding.

I love the far away look in Lindsey’s eyes ¬†on the morning of her amazing wedding at arguably Cheshire’s finest venue, the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa. She seems to be contemplating her big day, the walk down the aisle the commitment to Adrian in just a very short walk away.   I also think […]

The Long Wait! The Groom just before his Bride arrives.

Weddings are amazing things, the are so many little stories within stories. So many emotions so much love, anxiety, fun, excitement, fear probably everything else in the human spectrum. So I thought I’d share one from my first April wedding of 2015 at Oddfellows Boutique Hotel in Chester of Karen and James. This image is […]

The Hollywood Kiss

A classic of every Hollywood romantic blockbuster is the long lingering kiss. And what a better place to record it than in the true arena of love a wedding. This magical photograph was taken at Michaels and Rebecca’s fantastic Cheshire Wedding at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa just on the Welsh border. It was […]

St Werburgh’s Chester and a very special photograph

St Werburgh’s Roman Catholic Church in Chester is a magnificent building dating back over 250 years and celebrating weddings and life and death for ten of thousands. It is also probably the most relaxed and fun Church I know with none of the often, in my opinion, plain obtuse attitude of the clergy. St Werburgh’s […]

Cheshire Model Shoot

I had the pleasure of shooting some head-shots for Nikki last week, I have known Vikki for years, since she was in dance school and it is always a pleasure to work with her. The makeup was by Jessica Mair   The photos are in a variety of black and white and colour and some […]