Playing in the dark. One photograph from Rachel and Paul’s wonderful Grosvenor Pulford Wedding

Saturday was a wonderful day to be working as a wedding photographer. It rained all day, was grey, blowing a gale and was dark by not much after 4! All be told a typical dull winters day in the UK! However ¬†working with such wonderful people as Rachel and Paul with such an amazing fun, […]

When it gets dark! Wedding Photography in low light.

Often I think Brides and Grooms worry about having a lovely day for the wedding photography, my adopted home county of Cheshire has on the whole rather pleasant weather but that isn’t to say that at times it is cold, wet and windy. And for many months of the year it gets dark rather early! […]

A behind the scene peek!

I really love this photo taken of Jessica at¬†Dinas Bran Castell (Crow Castle) near Llangollen in North Wales. It was taken late in the evening just after the sun set but unusually another photographer I know Stu Worrall was taking a photo from behind and shows the complex set up to the image. I thought […]