The Cheshire Wedding Album of James and Debbie at the Holiday Inn

James and Debbie had a beautiful wedding at All Saints Church Soughton followed by a lovely reception at the Quay side at Ellesmere Port Holiday Inn. The images are from thier Graphi Wedding Album.

With all my wedding albums the couple get to view the pages before they go for printing and they can make any changes they wish. I’ve uploaded a selection from Debbie and James album, this page is the beautiful bride approaching the Church.

All Saints Church in Saughall is really beautiful inside and the alter has some spectacular paintings in the ceiling. As is quite common with vicars all the wedding photos had to be taken from the back of the church. I don’t really find this a problem as long as I have a good line of sight to the couple. I always find it amusing however that the video people are nearly always allowed at the front!

All the wedding images selected for the album are also chosen by the couple.

I often think it is a very good idea to go back into the church after the service if the vicar is OK with this, in the United Kingdom we have some amazing churches and Cheshire is no exception. I love the paintings on the ceiling and all the gold and ofcourse the stunning stained glass windows. A beautiful backdrop to a stunning bride.

And here are a few more from inside the church. Debbie’s wedding dress looks spectacular and really complements the background grandeur.

I love my job and taking wedding photos often gives the odd challenge. One problem is weather and another is when the hotel has a very limited (OK none) garden for outside photos. I decided to use the car park and make a very modern type of wedding images and group shots. I love them and more importantly so do Debbie and James. The wedding entourage seemed to have a lot of fun also!

This is another car park wedding photo but utilizing the docks as the background. Another issue on the day was a very cold wind and moving out of the shelter of the car park wall was a not a wise idea if I wanted to keep the wedding entourage out of A&E! I think the contemporary wedding shots work really well in the surroundings.

These photos where taken in the evening and to say it was cold and windy is an understatement. One of the bridesmaids who had came to help had to go in as she couldn’t stop shivering in the wind! Debbie was a real stalwart and posed like a professional model despite the weather. I think it was worth it, the urban background of the Quayside at the Holiday Inn adds a very diferent dimension to the wedding photographs.

And finally the first dance, the last formal event of the wedding and a time for Debbie if not James to let their hair down!

It was a real pleasure working with Debbie and James and I can’t wait to hand over a beautiful Graphi wedding album with a stunning silver metallic cover.

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