The Wedding Album

It a lovely part of my job, designing the wedding album that is. After all the fun and excitement of the wedding day the couple choose what images they need to keep, what images to reject. It is quite difficult if I have done my job correctly and on average it about 6-9 months for people to come back to me with a list. Today I’m just starting Vincent and Jayne’s album, they got married back in December so are quite quick. It was a wonderful wedding and going through the photos now brings back so many memories and hopefully my photography has captured a bit of the magic for them. I have added a small slide show of some of the photographs they had to choose from.

Vince and Jayne chose the Grosvenor Pulford as their magical winter wedding venue, and as always the Grosvenor Pulford looked after them impeccably. For a wedding album they have gone for the modern and contemporary yet already a classic Graphi Album.  When it arrives I’ll have to take a few photos to show you.


Anyway I’d better got on designing. It funny my job title being a photographer. Photography takes up maybe 20% of my time, the baulk is actually spent on a computer!



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