Quick look at one of my favourites from the The Wild Boar Wedding in Cheshire of Alison and James

I’ll blog more of the beautiful Cheshire wedding of Alison and James later in the week but I thought it may be nice to show you a few versions on one image. One of the major changes in wedding photography over the last decade or so is the variety available to the bride and groom from their wedding day. The choice of albums, photo papers, photograph finishes is immense but I think the biggest single thing is the image itself. From the traditional Black and White (B&W) wedding photographs to some amazing different finishes, some wedding photos have became surreal. I feel that contemporary wedding photography has now became very artistic and the choice to the bride and groom is immense. Unfortunately the standard of photography is probably more mixed than ever. In the North West alone we have an amazing choice of photographers some producing excellent and amazing images unfortunately some aren’t so skilled…   Choose your wedding photographer with care, a good photographer will really add to your day and produce stunning wedding images to last a life time.


This first image is a beautiful bridal portrait of Alison taken against a beautiful sky in the background. The finish is what I call coffee, it is very soft and dare I say romantic!

The second image is a colour sepia version of the same photo, I really love this finish it really adds a bit of drama to the photo and shows off the stunning evening sky.

The last photo is a colour image and really shows the detail in the dress. One of my pet hates is ‘blown’ highlights in a photo. This is when there is no detail left in the wedding dress. It is easy to do! But after the hours Alison has spent choosing her dress I think she may want to see every single part of it.

Enjoy the wedding photos and please feel free to leave any comments or questions.

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