The North Wales Wedding of Michael & Rhiannon

Michael and Rhiannon had a beautiful wedding at the beautiful Gresford Church in North Wales followed by a perfect knees up just over the English border in Cheshire at the stunning Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa. I had a ball taking the photos ūüôā

This must be the coolest cat around! I think I’d of been rather worried leaving a couple of cats anywhere near a wedding dress but these cool cats took all the wedding¬†preparation¬†in¬†their¬†stride.

Michael and the best man along with all of the Grooms-men are all ready for the wedding day. I really love the massive sandstone blocks of the church it makes a beautiful background.

Michael waiting at the Alter in Gresford Church. I’m sure time ticks buy very¬†slowly¬†for the Groom as he awaits his often late Bride!

She’s here! Rhiannon is greeted by all of her maids on the happiest day of her life. This beautiful time just before the wedding is full of¬†excitement¬†and anxiety.

Churches seem to have different policies on wedding photography, in fact different ministers seem to have different policies as far as wedding photography goes. The policy for this wedding was photos only from the back. This is better than nothing particulary if the Vicar turns the bride and groom in to face each other. Gresford Church has a beautiful interior.

The all important signing of the register and showing off of the Wedding Rings. They are rather nice!

A tender moment for the couple as they leave the beautiful Gresford Church, the doorway and impressive stonework makes a lovely frame for the happy couple.

And the exterior of Gresford Church is very impressive. That is one big bell tower! Cheshire and North Wales has a lot of churches built of sandstone and I love the effect of this stone on a photo.

The colourful wedding confetti shows off the stunning colours of the guests. As you can probably imagine by the rather one sided line it was a bit windy!

The Rolls Royce to sweep them off to the reception and a few minutes¬†alone to look at each other and shout ‘WE DID IT’ . I love the colour of the Rolls and the number plate is rather in keeping with the wedding day.

On the bridge in the wonderful gardens at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa with a blue sky making an appearance.

A loving moment captured. The wedding flowers are rather wonderful, having orchids is a brave choice for a wedding as they are so delicate. The photo has a coffee vintage finish which I think adds a certain romantic edge to this image.

What a setting! The Gardens at the Grosvenor Pulford really are a perfect backdrop for a wedding and the bridge is one of the images all the brides want. The reflection is really rather beautiful as well. Such a lovely reflection is actually created by firing a could of flash guns at the couple Рone from the left and one from the right held on a long boom by guests and the guests are then photo-shopped out after. No manipulation is done of the image to create the reflection.

Another image taken in the garden with a colour sepia finish. The garden certainly makes my job a lot easier. And just look at the detail in the wedding dress.

Another beautiful background created with the garden, this time out of focus but it has the effect of  pulling the eye back to the beautiful people!

This photo was taken at the same time as the one above and is maybe more intemate and has the vintage coffee finish which so many brides seem to love.

Not many venues give you the choice of two gardens for the wedding photographs but Cheshire’s finest the Grosvenor Pulford does. This is the Oriental Gardens which having a hard surface is also good in all weathers as the ladies do not sink in the soft grass! Rhiannon looks so stunning in her beautiful dress.

The Gang! Rhiannon has chosen multi coloured bridesmaids outfits and i think it looks really amazing. It also helps me no end as i no longer have to remember all the names (which I never can!!) only the colours! I really like this group shotand the grey brooding sky over the Welsh hills.

This wedding group shot is a bit different as I’ve¬†separated the men for the ladies. I love this image and the waterfall gives it a certain impact. The Grosvenor Pulford must be¬†congratulated¬†for designing such an amazing garden.¬† By this stage in the day all the main players are really relaxed having¬†their¬†photos taken and it shows in the poses they are pulling!

This wedding photograph is totally different from the other images as everyone is now rather close! Wedding photographs like this really make me smile and I’m sure the people involved will have fond memories of getting this up close and personal with the other members of the bridal party.

Another wedding group shot this time just with the girls and Groom. This image was taken in the Grosvenor suite bar area. The bar is really a great place for photos but as it is normally full of people not the easiest to take photos in. The secret is to wait till everyone goes in for the wedding breakfast and then do a few quickly. 

The wedding speeches! Often a time of dread for those involved but equally often a highlight of the day. The groom looks a little uncomfortable as the best man tells another tale!! I find the speeches a brilliant time to get a photo of every guest.

The last formal ceremony of a wonderful wedding. Rhiannon and Michael walk into the dance floor for their first dance. A brilliant day ends and a rather fun party is about to start. I normally leave just after the first dance but have been assured i missed out on a stunning evening of wedding entertainment.

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