The story on one wedding photograph against a beautiful sunset

This is one of my favourite wedding photos of Laura from her beautiful wedding at Cheshire’s top venue the stunning Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa. Funny enough the Welsh border runs through the garden of the hotel and it is as close to Wrexham as it is Chester.

Anyway back to the photo, lets start with the day. After a magnificent outdoor wedding service it basically poured down, the was flooding up the road in Gresford and Llay. The Oriental Garden at the Grosvenor Pulford was under an inch or so of water and I thought any chance of outdoor wedding  photos had gone, to be fair at the Grosvenor Pulford the as so many indoor options this isn’t a major problem. I kept a look out for a change in the weather as everyone was enjoying their wedding breakfast, still raining, and on into the evening and finally the rain stopped and a grey cold sky replaced it.

Goddess wedding photo in Cheshire

Finally after what seemed like an age the clouds started to break up to be replaced with this magnificent sky at sunset. I have an app on my phone to tell me when and where the sun does set just for opportunities for wedding photographs just like this and today luck was on my side. After dragging Laura and Andrew from their guests I managed to get a series of wedding shots against the beautiful sunset and with the lakes

The above image is finished in the wonderful colour sepia which is a finish I use in weddings  frequently, the only problem with in on this occasion is the amazing silver wedding dress Laura is wearing.


This is the same image in colour and the beautiful silver wedding dress is visible as well as every fold of the beautiful silk fabric. I’m not sure which version of the photo I would chose if it was me but it will be interesting to see which version chooses for her wedding album.

For those of a technical bent the photo was taken on a Nikon D4 with 24-120mm F4 lens and was filled from the front with one SB900 flash light off camera at the front left fired remotely via radio poppers.

Sunset Wedding Photography


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