The Cheshire and North Wales Wedding Photography of Jeffrey and Michelle at the Grosvenor Pulford

What a beautiful wedding and I had the pleasure of photographing it. Michelle and Jeffrey had a lovely service at the beautiful and historic St Denials Church in Hawerden, Deeside, North Wales. Hawerden is a beautiful village just a stone throw over the Cheshire Border. The service was Cheshire’s leading wedding venue the stunningly beautiful Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa.

I really love the interior of St St’ Denials Church it is one of the finest in Deeside and a beautiful backdrop for wedding photography. Normally I am not allowed to take a photo of the actual signing of the wedding certificate.

St’ Denials  Church Hawerden, Deeside, North Wales

The old weathered Sandstone makes a lovely frame for this shot taken in the doorway of St’ Denials Church. Michelle has a stunning wedding dress.

St’ Denials Church Hawerden, Wedding Photography

This confetti shot is in a vintage coffee finish, the guests are showing a great deal of enthusiasm!

North Wales Confetti

Back at the Grosvnor Pulford and over the border into Cheshire for this lovely shot of the happy couple.

Grosvenor Pulford Bridge

Now that is a very impressive wedding cake.


The wedding day was a little stormy but we managed to get some amazing evening sky just as the sun was setting in the amazing Oriental Garden of the Grosvenor Pulford. I think the sky makes a stunning wedding backdrop to the gorgeous couple.

This is another wedding image with love it or hate it processing – I call the effect acid and I think on certain photos it looks amazing. Of course the happy couple can choose a different effect if this is not to their taste.

I love this wedding image of Michelle, you can just see the setting sun in the bottom of the picture and clouds that would not look out of place in The Lord of the Rings! Michelle looks totally stunning in her wedding dress.

Another very contemporary wedding image of the happy couple. I have so many images I cannot share them all!

And one last wedding photograph from the garden complete with a flypast from a flock of Geese.

It was rather nice coming back into the warmth and going to one of the Grosvenor’s iconic locations – the mirror. A must do location for photos in my opinion! And a great chance to show off the back of the dress.

Another lovely wedding shot taken near the big mirror. I think I could fill an album with photos from this one place.

And I’ll finish of the blog post with a wedding photograph from the first dance.

Enjoy the photos 🙂

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