The beautiful Welsh Wedding of Taja and Ben

Taja and Ben had the luck of choosing a stunning January day at the historic LLanasa Church in North Wales for their most beautiful wedding. The reception was then over the English border at the wonderful Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa.

Here is a bit of history about the stunning Church:

Parish Church of Llanasa is situated in the beautiful conservation village of Llanasa in the County of Flintshire, North Wales. The church, dedicated to St Asaph and St Kentigern (Cyndeyrn), is recorded in Domesday Book and there has been a place of worship on this site for over 1,400 years when it is thought that St Asaph erected the first building between 560 and 573.

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Wedding Photography at Llanasa Church

Taja arriving at the Church

Church Wedding Photography

The sun looks beautiful illuminating the veil

Wedding Photography North Wales

Taja and her Dad entering the church

Church Wedding Photograpy

The vicar was class, he allowed the photography all through the service

A tender moment

A tender moment

a Grocott 277 lotrbw

The doorway of the church makes a perfect frame. Taja dress is stunning

a Grocott 324 hdr vin

I love the sky in this photograph and the beautiful vintage cars

a Grocott 318 hdr

I really love this wedding image. Churches make amazing backdrops!

a Grocott 297 hdr vin a Grocott 303 hdrbw a Grocott 314 lotr

a Grocott 333 hdr vin

A stolen kiss when no one is looking!!

a Grocott 367 hdr

Group shots in the Grosvenor Pulford Garden

a Grocott 387 hdr

The Grosvenor Pulford has two gardens – this is the oriental one. Perfect.

a Grocott 395 hdr vin

The sky is lovely on this one – it was 3c!

a Grocott 401 hdrbw

Black and White Wedding Photography has such drama.

a Grocott 499 hdr

Taja the super model bride in the main garden of the Grosvenor Pulford

a Grocott 503 lotr Cof

A beautiful bride.

a Grocott 509 hdr

A bride with attitude – I think just maybe this is my favourite photo from the day.

a Grocott 554 hdr

Alistair the Manager at the Grosvenor Pulford havers in the background making sure everything runs like clockwork

a Grocott 791 hdr vin

A classic photo from the Grosvenor Pulford. The mirror. A must do location for photos.

a Grocott 796 hdr

Taja by the mirror.

a Grocott 820 lotr

Looks a bit Hollywood this one!

a Grocott 956 hdr

The first dance.

a Grocott 390 hdr a Grocott 408 hdr a Grocott 799 hdr vin

 Enjoy the photography and I’ll add more chapters to an amazing 2013 of weddings.

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