The Cheshire Wedding of Kelly and James

I had the pleasure of photographing a wonderful couple at one of the finest venues in Cheshire, the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa on a cold and damp day in March. Winter weddings are more popular than ever now  and I think it is because of amazing wedding venues like the Grosvenor Pulford. One of the reasons Kelly and James choice this wonderful hotel for their big day was because of the amazing opportunities for wedding photography  regardless of the weather! It is truly a four season venue.

Wedding Shoes

These Shoes are made for walking – down the wedding aisle!

Wedding Preperation

I love the activity and just melting into the background watching it all unfold. A beautiful Wedding story.

Wedding Preparation Photographs

Such a stunning bride, Kelly receiving the finishing touches to her dress

Groom, Wedding, Aisle

James awaiting at the top of the Aisle

Wedding, Service, Grosvenor Pulford,

A lovely wide perspective of the Wedding room at the Grosvenor Pulford as Kelly and James first set eyes on each other.

Wedding, Rings, Cheshire, Photography

The exchange of the wedding rings – the unbroken circle of love.

Wedding, Photography, Service, Chester

Another sweeping vista of the wedding service. People often have no idea they are in the photo when using an ultra wide lens!

Wedding, Photography, Cheshire

I love the expression on the beautiful bridesmaids face, angelic!

Grosvenor Pulford, Garden, Wedding Photography, Cheshire

After the group shots we went into the stunning garden at the Grosvenor Pulford, it was cold and damp but even in the depth of winter the Grosvenor Pulford garden looks amazing.

Wedding, Photography, Chester,

A lovely fun photo in the beautiful Cheshire Gardens

Short Wedding Dress, Wedding Photography Cheshire,

Have you noticed the amazing wedding dress Kelly is wearing? Stunning and daring.

Oriental Garden Wedding Photography

A beautiful reflection on a cold winters day but somehow I don’t thing the newly-weds have noticed!

Wedding Photography Cheshire, Grosvenor Pulford Hotel,

Big sky and a beautiful gardens, what more could you want for a stunning wedding photo.

Grosvenor Pulford Oriantal Gardens, Wedding, Group Shot,

One of the contemporary group shots finished in a colour sepia finish.

Wedding Breakfast, Grosvenor Pulford, Wedding Photography Cheshire,

The are so many little stories going on in one photograph. It fun looking at all the groups sat down for the wedding breakfast.

Wedding, Speeches, Photography,

The top table and Dad in the middle of a funny and entertaining speech. I find the speeches a great opportunity to photograph everyone at the wedding, they can’t escape….

Best Man, Speech, Photography, Wedding, Cheshire

The Best Man’s speech, a highlight of a wedding and this one was excellent.

Mirror, Grosvenor Pulford, Wedding Photography

The stunning Kelly showing off her amazing wedding dress in front of the mirror at the Grosvenor Pulford.

Wedding Photography, Interior, Grosvenor Pulford Hotel, Cheshire

Kelly and James, a stunning couple and a real pleasure to work with and photograph.

Wedding Photography Cheshire, Grosvenor Pulford, Interior, Cheshire,

Gorgeous, opulent colours, and a stunning background to a brilliant bride and groom.

Wedding Bridal Photography, Cheshire, Grosvenor Pulford

Kelly in the mirror with looking the model bride, she was so energetic on the day nothing seemed a problem.

Wedding Dress Photography, Cheshire

This one was Kelly’s own idea and does show her daring wedding dress off particularly well.

Wedding Dress Photography, Cheshire, Grosvenor Pulford

A bit of a twirl. Kelly is a trained dancer so this was no problem!! I really like the movement in the dress and the reflection in the mirror.

Interior Wedding Photography Cheshire

The Grosvenor Pulford has many nooks for wedding photography and the ability to create a tremendous variety of images.

Bedroom at The Grosvenor Pulford, Cheshire Venue

The bedrooms at the Grosvenor Pulford are stunning and a wonderful back drop to the wedding photography

Wedding Photography Cheshire

James looking relaxed. The photo is finished in a colour sepia which I really like.

Bridal photography Cheshire,

Kelly, my model bride for the day.

Wedding Photography in Cheshire, Grosvenor Pulford Bedrooms

This wedding photo is rather different and adds variety to the day.

a Hanson 751 hdr vin

Kelly on the move! Even the corridors at the Grosvenor are wonderful for the wedding photos. Truly a versatile Cheshire venue

Kelly on the move! Even the corridors at the Grosvenor are wonderful for the wedding photos. Truly a versatile Cheshire venue

Cheshire Wedding Venue, Cheshire Wedding Photography, Night

The exterior of the Grosvenor Pulford is really something special for the wedding photography. Cheshire’s finest!

Grosvenor Pulford Hotel Wedding Photography

And a close up of the enterance to Nelson’s bar, a rather wonderful frontage. Kelly and James look brilliant together.

Children at weddings Photography

Children love the dance floor at a wedding, this little girl is so gorgeous.

Wedding Photography, Evening, Children

And one for the boys! I think the parents think he is ready for bed however he seems to have another plan altogether.

First Dance wedding photography Chehire

And the first dance with a crowed gathered. The last formal event of a stunning wedding.

Hen Girls Wedding Photography.

Lets hear it for the girls!! Kelly is given a bit of a lift from her hen girls.

James and his Stags have found a very relaxing place and I feel they may be there sometime.

James and his Stags have found a very relaxing place and I feel they may be there sometime.

Wedding Photography in Cheshire

James get the rough house treatment from the Stags. He seems to be enjoying it!!


It is always a pleasure to work at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa and add a brilliant couple into the mix and you have the recipe for some amazing Cheshire Wedding Photography.

If you are planning your wedding in Cheshire, Shropshire, North Wales or the North West and like what I do please do not hesitate to contact me, my diary is filling up rather fast!!

And for those of a technical basis the camera equipment I use for my photography is Nikon,  a D4 which is an incredible camera able to capture images in so little light it is scary with a D700 as a 2nd camera often fitted with a Ultra Wide lens. The D4 is normally fitted with the excellent Nikon 24-120 mm F4 zoom lens.

I find this combination of cameras perfect for me, modern cameras in general have just improved so much it is incredible. Particularly in the low light performance which opens up new possibilities in photography.

All external light sources are Nikon SB900/910 speedlights often fired via radio triggers made by Radio-Poppers.

Please feel free to add any comments and don’t forget if you like my photography it is never too early too book but it can be too late!

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