One or Two from Anglesey, the Wonderful Wedding of Kelly and Richard

I had a marvelous wedding on Saturday on the Isle of Anglesey right on the tip of North Wales at the lovely¬†Bulkeley Hotel in the French sounding town¬†Beaumaris which has guarded the Menai Straits with it’s wonderful Castile since the 14th century.

Kelly and Richard were a wonderful couple and had a magnificent service and reception which it was a pleasure to be part of. It will be a few weeks till I get chance to blog the whole day so thought I’d share one or two of my favourites.

Beaumaris Wedding Photography, Stone Circle

This is a really wild shot taken at the stone circle in Beaumaris. I love the effect and the mood in the photograph and Kelly is a stunning bride.

a Roberts -1138 hdr


Kelly and Richard what can I just give you a big thank you for employing me on your big day, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be involved with such a stunning wedding.

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